HHF Videos

Below are videos from the early stages of the renovation of Howard Hall Farm. There are also some videos from a few of the classes and workshops that we have held at HHF over the years. Follow us on our Howard Hall Farm YouTube channel to be notified of any new video uploads.

Entry Demolition at Howard Hall Farm

Demo of the vestibule. Beneath the store-bought facade lurked the original Federal entryway.

The Crew

Joking around with the demo crew.

Exterior Tour of Howard Hall Farm

Tour of the Farm with Reggie and Phillip.

Mantel Discovery

Uncovering the historic mantel in Howard Hall Farm. Surprising artifacts turned up...

Uncovering the Historic Hearth

Later the site of Mercy Ingraham's open hearth cooking workshops, this video records the beginning of our hearth restoration in the Federal house at Howard Hall Farm.

Lime Plaster Workshop

Part of The Historic Lime Plaster Workshop Series at Howard Hall Farm. Teacher: Rory Brennan, from "This Old House."

Lime Mortar Workshop at Howard Hall Farm

Sit in on this lime mortar workshop taught by John Speweik.

Sheep Shearing

The first shearing at Howard Hall Farm in 2006.


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