The second floor of the home contains the sleeping quarters, as well as the Sewing room. The majority of the rooms still retained their original layout when we came onto the scene, but one of them had been partitioned into an apartment to house boarders while Howard Hall was functioning as a boarding house. These extra walls were removed to return the room to its original layout. In addition to this, floors in all of the rooms were stripped down to the original wide plank flooring, the chimneys that ran through two of the rooms were rebuilt, and all fireplaces were repaired. Some rooms are still in the process of being renovated.

In the hallway, the door that had led to an addition over the foyer was reconfigured back into a window once the addition had been removed. A hallway closet was removed to open the space, and tin ceiling tiles were removed to reveal smooth plaster ceilings.

Click on one of the rooms below to see before, during and after shots.


Hallway | Southwest Bedroom | Southeast Bedroom | Sewing Room | Northeast Bedroom | Northwest Bedroom


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Southwest Bedroom

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Southeast Bedroom

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Sewing Room

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Northeast Bedroom

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Northwest Bedroom

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