Restoration Photos

We have been faithfully documenting our restoration of Howard Hall since we purchased it in 2005. Browse through the restoration photos by clicking on one of the images below.  



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Howard Hall Renovation Timeline

Since we purchased HHF in 2005, we've been working to restore it. We're almost done and it's amazing how far we've come. Countless man hours have been put into returning Howard Hall to its original look and floorplan, with every single room in the house receiving special attention. Almost every wall, doorway, floorboard, window and piece of trim, stone or brick has been restored. To give a full overview of the work that we have put into HHF since we purchased it, we created a renovation timeline detailing every aspect of the renovation to date. The file is large, so please be patient while it loads. Click below to view.

HHF Renovation Timeline PDF - HowardHallFarmPictureTimeline.pdf (55.5 MB)


The Story
History in Photos
The Restoration: 2005 - Present
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