Beehive Oven

This beehive oven was discovered here at Howard Hall when we were removing sheetrock that covered the basement kitchen fireplace.

Fireplace before Beehive Oven before
The entire fireplace (left) and a close-up of the beehive oven (right) before being rebuilt (click to enlarge)

We knew that there was a standard fireplace under there, but we had no idea there was a beehive oven hiding just to the right of it.

Domed shape
The beehive shape of the oven is obvious from the inside (click to enlarge)

Beehive ovens are named for their domed shape, which resembles a beehive. They were used typically for baking pies, cake or meats in the days before gas and electric ovens. Finding our very own beehive oven at Howard Hall was a very pleasant surprise, but it was obvious that it would need to be rebuilt.

Fireplace before Beehive Oven before
The bricks were repointed using lime mortar (left) and new ducting was added (right). (click to enlarge)

The original bricks were removed and the undamaged ones were saved and then reassembled using lime mortar. New ducting was added, which connects the beehive oven to the fireplace flue.

Fireplace Beehive Oven
The finished beehive oven (left) and the entire finished fireplace (right) (click to enlarge)

Our beehive oven is now a functional part of our fireplace and we use it often as a pizza oven when entertaining.



Beehive Oven
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