Brownstone Stair Rebuild

Many of the staircases we encounter all suffer from similar problems: sagging supports, cut spindles, and delicate (and often broken) railings. This staircase had all these problems and then some, and required a complete rebuild.

Before After Painted
The pine staircase before (left) and the mahogany staircase after (middle). Each step was then stained, and the kickboards painted white (right) (click to enlarge)

Because the staircase had previously been repaired with inferior materials, we tore the entire staircase out and started from scratch. The pine risers and treads were replaced with mahogany ones that were fabricated entirely onsite.

Woden Beam Steel Beam
The broken wooden beam was bolted back together with wooden supports (left) and a steel beam was installed for extra stability (right) (click to enlarge)

The wooden beam beneath the stairs was completely broken. We bolted it back together and also installed a steel beam to stabilize the entire staircase.

Curved risers Curved treads
A view of the curfed kickboards from behind (left) and curved treads from above (right) (click to enlarge)

A unique feature of this staircase was that the bottoms steps each had a slight curve to it. To achieve this curve, the mahogany risers were curfed to allow the wood to be bent. The steps themselves were also given an identical curve.

Curve below Curve above
Here you can see the bend in the staircase (click to enlarge)

Compass Curved treads
Blossom modeling Harry's homemade compass rig (left) that allowed for each step to have an identical curve where it met the stringer (right) (click to enlarge)

There was a sharp bend in the staircase itself where it curved around near the upper level of stairs. To achieve this bend, we employed the use of a large homemade compass when cutting the steps.

Knotched steps Curved steps
Each step was precisely curved and knotched where they met both the inner and outer stringer (click to enlarge)

Special care also had to be taken to ensure that the knotches and curves on the other side of each step, on the outer stringer, were even and identical. Once completed, the balusters will fit around these cutouts.



Brownstone Staircase Rebuild
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