1812 Federal Staircase

Newel cap in pieces Repaired newel cap
Broken newel cap on left, restored newel cap on right (click to enlarge)

Stairways in historic houses are often delicate and fragile, requiring particular attention when being restored to preserve the original beauty.

Repairing the railing Repairing the railing
Railings were removed and repaired (click to enlarge)

The railing had many past repairs which we took apart and restored perfectly.

Steel beam Steal beam installation

Steal beam
We installed a steel beam that runs beneath the stairs and through the wall to improve stability (click to enlarge)

The challenge to working on stairs is one of technology meeting the visual, in that the work should never leave visual signs of ever having been done. As a result, steel, which is stronger and more durable than the wood fabric originally used, is often introduced but has to be designed so that it can be installed without changing the visual elements.

Restored spindles Restored spindles

Restored stairs
Bird-toothed repairs restore the spindles to their original length (click to enlarge)

This project was exciting as we were able to restore the original 200 year old stair to perfect condition and stronger than it was when it was built. All the structural work was invisible when it was completed.

Plastering Newly plastered
You would never know a steel beam lies under that plaster (click to enlarge)

We love doing stairways for the challenge and creative thinking that is required, as well as the beauty of the old designs. The satisfaction of a structurally solid, restored stairway is a big thrill for us.



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1812 Federal Staircase
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