All New Gothic Studio

This sweet Andrew Jackson Downing inspired carriage house was built to act as a studio for an art conservator. While we built the structure from the ground up, we still wanted to give it the look of an authentic Gothic Revival building.

Barge boards French doors
Both the barge boards (right) and the French doors (left) were salvaged from within the Hudson Valley (click to enlarge)

The client, in conjunction with Reggie Young (the owner of the Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group), found these items in a small village. To achieve this, we salvaged many of the items used both inside and outside of the structure. We incorporated barge boards salvaged from a mansion in Hudson, NY that had been torn down decades earlier, quarry windows from Edinburgh, lighting from England, salvaged French doors from the Hudson Valley, and windows from a church in Kansas.

Main house and carriage house Soy insulation
The carriage house is heated by the main house (left). Heat is kept in with soy insulation (right)
(click to enlarge)

The building runs off the heating system located in the main house on the property, with insulated piping that runs from one building to the other, powering radiant heated floors.

Interior Interior
The stained bead-board interior (click to enlarge)

The interior finish is all a bead-boarded stained wooden jewel, and now serves as the studio and entertaining space.

While this building is new construction, we used salvaged materials to give it a Gothic Revival look (click to enlarge)

Our team stripped and restored all details on the windows and doors. We painted, stained, and finished the space, which was highlighted by spectacular William Morris wallpaper on the first floor level.



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