Howard Hall Farm Lime Mortar & Plaster Restoration

Howard Hall Farm Half Timbered Mansion Stone Wall Lime Mortar Restoration & Repointing

Half Timbered Mid-Century Mansion

This important Hudson River house was built of timber with stone in fill, often referred to as half timbering. In this case, the timbers were dressed with finish boards, but no drip cap. For years the water got behind the boards and in the walls, breaking and cracking the walls. This led to many bad repairs with Portland cement, which made it worse.

Howard Hall Farm Williamsburg Brooklyn Brick Wall Repair

Williamsburg Brick Wall Repair

This brick wall had been destroyed by Portland cement. We had to completely remove the Portland cement and re-point the wall using color-matched lime mortar.

Howard Hall Farm Brooklyn Brownstone Facade Restoration

Brooklyn Brownstone Facade & Stoop Repair

All of the brownstone elements of this Brooklyn home were restored by hand molding the new brownstone mixture onto the surface of the stoop, window lintels and sills, and foundation.

Howard Hall Farm Brooklyn Brownstone Lime Wash

Brooklyn Brownstone Lime Wash

The exterior of this Brooklyn brownstone was given a lime wash finish.

Howard Hall Ceiling

Howard Hall Ceiling

The ceiling of this Federal style mansion was entirely restored with handsplit lathes that were then coated in several layers of lime plaster.


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Half Timbered Mid-Century Mansion
Williamsburg Wall Repair
Brownstone Facade & Stoop Repair
Brownstone Lime Wash
Howard Hall Ceiling


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