Machanic's House

This small house was purchased by two theater professionals as a retreat that was also to be used as the site of their upcoming nuptials.

The home before we began work (click to enlarge)

Added foundation Removed walls
The entire back portion was removed and the foundation was added to (click to enlarge)

The front of the building consisted of two floors, while the rear of the building was only a single story. Unfortunately, the foundation in the back of the home suffered from poor drainage and needed to be completely redone. We removed the entire back portion of the house, keeping as many of the original materials as possible. We added to the foundation so that we could expand the kitchen and add support to the planned planned second story addition. We repointed the stone using lime mortar and installed a better drainage system to ensure that the foundation would have a long and healthy life.

Kitchen New chimney
The kitchen was completely demoed (right). A new chimney was built (left) (click to enlarge)

The kitchen, which took up the rear of the first floor, received a new fireplace (which may have very well been there when the home was originally built), and we built a new chimney to accompany it. The hinged windows were salvaged, while the framing and sashing were completely new. A weights and pulleys system was incorporated to hold the windows open. Keeping all of the old elements of the home intact while adding new ones made from salvaged materials was the goal.

New porch
Framing the new porch (click to enlarge)

A large porch was added off the kitchen for summer living.

The top floor was originally split into two rooms (click to enlarge)

Upstairs addition Upstairs addition
The new addition goes up! (click to enlarge)

We completely gutted the second floor, knocked down the wall between the two rooms, repositioned the door and created a master bedroom suite which included a bathroom addition.

Chimney before Chimney after
The old chimney before (right) and after (left). Also note the new basement door. (click to enlarge)

The existing chimney was rebuilt and a standing seam metal roof was installed. The outside entrance to the basement was completely rebuilt using the original stone, and a new bulkhead door was installed.

Old mechanicals New chimney and soy insulation
The old mechanicals (right). The new chimney surrounded by soy foam insulation (left) (click to enlarge)

To reduce the house's environmental impact, we added all new mechanicals, including a geothermal heating system, and used an environmentally friendly soy foam insulation throughout to keep the heat in and the costs down. A super simple and efficient Shaker style wood stove was installed to keep the living room warm.



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