Upstate Greek Revival

This Greek Revival had seen better days, and was subject to some pretty awful additions.

Front Back
This Greek Revival home had seen better days (click to enlarge)

After removing the second floor additions, we built new ones designed by the owner and the architect. This added two major rooms on the second floor.

Fireplace Crown molding
New fireplaces were built (right) and crown molding was installed (left) (click to enlarge)

We built fireplaces and chimneys and added crown moldings to all the major rooms.

Soy foam insulation is environmentally friendly and extremely efficient (click to enlarge)

We used soy foam insulation throughout the house to close the holes where the wind used to blow through, and we had a geothermal heating and cooling system added. We used window sash balances with metal tapes so the weight pockets could be eliminated, and then used foam fill for a better R-value.

Wooden truss system Marble slabs
A wooden truss system was put in place to hold up the front porch (right). New marble slabs were later installed (left) (click to enlarge)

The front porch was a major project as it had to be held up while new footings were added for the antique marble steps that we found in Massachusettes to replace the rotted, wooden ones. Reggie engineered a truss system that held the whole thing up while the old concrete slab was removed and the new footings were installed. The marble steps were then cut to size and installed across the entire front porch.

Fixtures Through the window

Marble tub
The marble tub had to be craned in through the window (click to enlarge)

The marble tub had a french antique fixture designed and fabricated to fit. The plumbing details are all antique and fitted to the space with marble walls and details. The windows were all copied from the existing ones so the new windows look as if they had always been there.



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