Whaler's House

Built in the 1790s for an early whaling family in Hudson's beginnings, this house had been much abused and seen many changes, including being partitioned into four Section 8 rental units for decades.

Fireplace Kitchen addition
Fireplaces were discovered hidden behind walls (right) and the 19th century kitchen wing was replaced with a larger version (left) (click to enlarge)

In spite of the changes, fireplaces were found behind newer walls, some original horizontal wainscot was intact, and the house was in good structural shape. A 19th century kitchen wing was removed and replaced with a larger, higher version.

Salvaged marble
Many of the items in the home were salvaged, including marble (click to enlarge)

Radiant heat, soy insulation, salvaged doors from Argentina, salvaged marble, and a copper sink all added to a transformed kitchen wing that sings with open views and lots of light and space.

The parlor windows and door trims, as well as a mantle, all came from another New York State house and were installed to appear as a 19th century update.

The finished home (click to enlarge)

The exterior clapboard was glazed with an eggplant tinted glaze over a brown base paint to appear as a historic finish, which adds to the early feeling of the house as one rambles down the street.



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