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Whether you live in an 18th century Federal, or a 19th century brownstone, returning your home to its original splendor is our main focus at Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group. Doing it in an historically authentic yet environmentally responsible way is our passion. We offer whole-house restoration services, from repairing terne tin roofs to installing freewatt home energy systems, and use mainly salvaged materials to reduce the environmental impact and keep the home as historically accurate as possible.

The Howard Hall Farm Restoration Group projects page showcases the results of some of our most rewarding projects that we've worked on.



  • Comprehensive construction and project management services

  • Green technology installation, including Freewatt mechanicals and soy foam insulation installation

  • Lime mortar and plaster (Click here for a comprehensive overview of our lime mortar and plaster services)

  • Plaster and molding restoration and reconstruction

  • Historic wall finishes, treatments and painting techniques

  • Foundation work

  • Water and drainage issues

  • Structural repair and restoration

  • Exterior wall restoration (masonry or wood)

  • Millwork and carpentry restoration

  • Metal work

  • Slate work

  • Chimney restoration

  • Fireplace restoration

  • Soffit work

  • Lintel and window restoration

  • Sill replacement

  • Staircase restoration

  • Kitchen renovation

  • Bath renovation


We work mainly in the Hudson Valley region of New York state, from Albany to New York City, but we will also travel as far afield as Connecticut, Massachusetts and Pennsylvania. If you would like to contact us regarding your home, please see our contact page for information on how to reach us.


Getting your historic home listed on the National Register of Historic Places

As an extension of our work restoring historic homes, we also help to get these homes (if they qualify) listed on the National Register of Historic Places. We have succesfully nominated and received listings for several homes including this half-timbered, mid-century mansion and our own home, Howard Hall, which received listing under the name Haxton-Griffin farm. Getting your property nominated and then listed on the National Register can be an interesting, as well as work-intensive, process. It can also be well worth the effort financially: receiving a listing on the National Register makes you eligible for substantial federal preservation tax credits that can be applied towards restoration work done on your home.

Our previous work evaluating, researching, and nominating historic homes has given us a great deal of knowledge about the process. We will take your property through every stage of the nomination and listing process, including researching the property's history, determining its historic significance, and evaluating its eligibility to be listed on the National Register, in addition to completing all necessary forms and paperwork.

If you're interested in having us take your property through the National Register listing process, visit our contact page and drop us a line.

Learn more about the National Register of Historic Places.

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