The Story of Howard Hall Farm

The Story of Howard Hall Farm

What we now call Howard Hall Farm (also known as the Haxton-Griffin Farm, The Woodburne, and Wagner Farm) has a rich history that dates back to the 18th century. This Federal style mansion was built in 1780, saw countless renovations, additions and (what some may call) "improvements." It has been everything from a family home to a boarding home. This is the story of our house, the people that lived in it, and the events that happened around it.

Historic photos of Howard Hall Farm

Historic Photos of Howard Hall

What's a centuries-spanning story without photos to accompany it? Through our research about the history of the house that stands at 84 Howard Hall Road, we have amassed quite a collection of images, from the earliest days of photography to Howard Hall's time as a boarding house, up until the late 1990s.  

The Restoration of Howard Hall Farm

The Restoration: 2005 - Present

We've been working non-stop to return Howard Hall Farm to its former glory. We've restored, renovated or rebuilt nearly every room in the home in an attempt to return it to its original 1800s floorplan while attempting to bring the home into the 21st century in an environmentally responsible way. This section contains images of all of the exterior and interior renovation projects we've undertaken since purchasing HHF.  

Haxton-Griffin Farm on the National Register of Historic Places Howard Hall Farm on the National Register of Historic Places

Even before we began researching the history of our stone house, we knew it was something special. It was when we began uncovering the details of the house's past that we understood its historic significance. The process of getting our house listed on the National Register of Historic Places was a very rewarding one. Please take a look at two of the more relevant portions of our Register listing (PDF format):

Narrative Description of the House / Narrative Statement of Significance

Videos of Howard Hall Farm Videos of Howard Hall Farm

A lot has gone into the restoration of Howard Hall. Luckily, we've captured some of it on video to share with you! We've also filmed clips of some of the workshops that we've held here at HHF, including Lime Plaster classes and a Sheap Shearing workshop. Visit us at our YouTube channel and follow us to stay up to date on new video uploads.

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